Love at first sight necklace with rose quartz and moon stone

฿ 2,290

This love at first sight necklace is for those who want to add feminine charm. Help your skin to be radiant, beautiful and look youthful always , can adjust the strap of the pendant necklace , decorated with genuine natural gem light pink rose quartz Milky white moonstone and white zircon , 92.5 sterling silver case, rose gold plated, real gold , semi-gloss rose gold pendant , special cut Cabochon , nickel free , not allergic , not itchy , sensitive skin , allergic to wear , take care all the time lifetime With a guarantee card and a genuine guarantee from MIMEAR.

I promise that if you use my product
You will have confidence in your unique charm.

Get more sex appeal , fill up your feminine


you will get

– Love at first sight necklace

– White velvet box, gold stamping logo

– Jewelry polishing cloth

– MIMEAR certificate & Warranty

– MIMEAR card


There are two types of necklaces to choose




  • Type 1 circle chain 16″+2″ (40-45 cm.)
  • Type 2 oval chain 18″+2″ (45-50 cm.)
  • Heart pendant 1.4×1.6 cm.
  • Water drop pendant 0.8×0.5 cm


Necklace features

one necklace that can be swiped to adjust the front pendant to be short, long, change the position of the pendant to fit perfectly with your outfit make a different feeling when inserted each time You can pick it up and wear it often for many occasions because Miw intends to design with an emphasis on Transform that allows you to use it in a variety of functions. This was the intention that Miw wanted. The Love at first sight collection is now more than ever, so you can be confident in your unique charm.

Miw chose five petals to create a simple yet sweet, feminine, feminine, gemstone pattern. It’s not complicated, free and comfortable to look at, combined with the heart-shaped Symbol, which is the heart of our brand. It was intended to be this heart that resembles the petals of the leaves. To feel freedom, nature and have a ring that looks like a key to the heart. It’s like a secret waiting for you to experience it yourself.


Used gems

Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz) or rose quartz, simple round shape. Cabochon cut makes the work look soft and gentle. It is a clear pink gem. Transparent and translucent, rose quartz is a very popular gemstone. It is a gem to enhance love, friendship, enhance charm and also stimulate the body’s circulatory system and heart function. And has been used in beauty. Rose quartz is believed to help the skin to be radiant, beautiful and always look young.

  • Rose Quartz  3 mm.
  • Color : Pale pink color
  • Gemstone Cut : Cabochon
  • Gemstone Shape : Round
  • Gemstone Origin : Brazil

Moonstone (Moonstone) gemstone of tender love. Made in the part of the pendant at the end of the necklace, cut in a Cabochon style that is a teardrop shape It is a gemstone that blends very well with rose quartz, which Moonstone is considered one of the jewels in Nopparat. or 9 types of high precious gemstones that Thai people respect. It has a white color like water droplets, mist or milky color. It is a gem that enhances charm and has power to attract.

  • Moonstone 6 x 4 mm.
  • Color : Milk white color
  • Gemstone Cut : Pear Shape Cabochon
  • Gemstone Origin : Africa

White Zircon It is a gem that promotes wealth and good intelligence.

  • Color : White Color
  • Gemstone Cut : Round
  • Gemstone origin : Cambodia

We guarantee only 1 year genuine silver jewelry , can access our free repair service.


Shipping for Thailand

We use Flash Express , J&T Express and Kerry Express. Free shipping. Daily delivery. The time you will receive your order is about 1-2 business days in Bangkok and Bangkok area and 2-3 business days in the upcountry area.


Shipping for international

We use DHL and FEDEX shipping services, with a separate charge depending on your destination. we deliver every day The time you will receive the product is about 7-14 days.


Elaborately built for you

Each piece of MIMEAR does not take only time, but the important thing is that we use our “heart” to create every piece. Our products are created with attention to detail because you only deserve the best. MIMEAR’s designs, wrapping, packaging, gifts, drawings are beautifully designed with inspiration from nature. Every piece of art Paintings and fabric patterns are copyrighted works. Under the design of the MIMEAR brand and received a copyright information letter from the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand. So you can be confident in the MIMEAR brand.

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